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"I have worked with many different types of gels, creams and lotions and I was never able to find one that worked well when doing soft tissue work and that the patients loved equally as well. Until I found 24/7 R&R it is the best product on the market hands down."

Dr. Paul Tetro

"Biofreeze has dominated the market in my office for years and I never thought I would find a product that I would like better but I have to say that 24/7 R&R is the perfect mix of ingredients and consistency. I love it and so do my patients

Dr. Hooman Tashakor

"I was looking for something that I could recommend to my patients that had no artificial colors, or parabens. I also wanted some natural anti inflammatories inside the cream. 24/7 R&R exceed my expectations I am now recommending it to all my patients."

Dr. Louis Crivelli

"I have been using 24/7 R&R for 3 months now and I have to say I absolutely love this product. It’s easy to work with and my patients have given me great feedback."

Dr. Jasmine Bradly


"I train my athletes to the razor’s edges of strength and conditioning and pain and discomfort can be part of the game. I have nothing but praise for 24/7 R&R and the feedback I have been getting from my clients is second to none."

Tony Brady Trainer to 5 world champion boxers NBA NFL and Premier league Soccer players

Massage Therapists

"Working with NBA and NFL athletes it goes without saying that they have to endure long seasons often dealing with lots of injuries. I have been looking for a pain relieving cream that I can use on my clients and I have found this to be superior to any other product on the market."

Kalei Aipoalani massage therapist to professional Boxers, NBA and NFL teams.

"I am extremely impressed with 24/7 Relief & Recovery! Being a Massage Therapist for 11 years, I have used a lot of products and 24/7 R&R is hands down the best. The consistency and ease when working on clients allows me to integrate right into therapy sessions. I have received positive feedback from my clients and always recommend them to use it in between sessions for optimal results. It’s flying off my shelves! 24/7 R&R works fast and is what I personally use to recover from workouts as well as for pain relief."

Jill DeMasi, LMT, WHE Owner, The Heart of Wellness



"Fighting for two world titles over the span of 4 years and having 47 professional fights at my size is no easy feat. I need every advantage I can get. I think I have used every topical cream on the market today but 24/7 R&R is on another level. I feel it not only helped with pain but decreased my healing time from injuries."

Tony Thompson two time Heavyweight Title fighter

"Boxing is a rough sport and aches and pains are part of the sport. 24/7 R&R is a pain relieving cream that helps keep me going during a hard training camp."

Lamont Roach, Jr. Junior lightweight prospect

Mixed Martial Arts

"Everyone needs help with injuries in MMA. It’s a combat sport and if something doesn’t hurt then you’re doing it wrong. 24/7 R&R has helped me continue to train and work on my game during times when I was injured."

James Vick UFC fighter

"I had two surgeries on my elbow and the rehab was not easy. Using 24/7 R&R let my doctor push a little more each day to help speed up my recovery. I even gave some to my parents for their aches and pains and they love it."

Mike Easton UFC fighter

"This is the best cream ever! I can work it into my muscles and it’s not oily and the smell fades fast but the relief does not. It also has some great ingredients like glucosamine, MSM, Arnica and pycogenol and I have never seen that stuff in a cream before."

Ron Stallings UFC fighter


"This cream helped me a great deal after my rotator cuff surgery. I was able to use it when I had pain and didn’t have to worry about side effects. My therapist was also able to use it during rehab and soft tissue work that he did with me and I feel it made a big difference in my recovery time and pain control."

Christopher Johnson Haymarket VA

"My Chiropractor used this on me when he did soft tissue work on my back. I thought it worked great so I picked up a tube to use at home. I really like it better than biofreeze. It goes on better and seems to last longer with better ingredients. Only problem is everyone in the house keeps taking it!"

Vonica Hall Temple Hills MD

"I had a sports injury to my knee and picked up some 24/7 R&R at my doctor’s office based on her recommendation to help with pain control because I did not want to take anything stronger than Motrin. This cream did the trick and now I use it for post exercise soreness as well."

John Whillliams, Fairfax VA

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